What is being done today to Arab civilisation by religious fanatics is similar to what was done to the Arab civilisation by the Inquisition of Spain, a group of religious Catholic fanatics comparable to ISIS today: savage, cruel, intolerant, full of hate, and perpetrators of genocide. We live in a sad world where history repeats itself too often. Nazar’s work takes us all on a journey to the past and then back to today whereby we dream of paradise and celebrate the earthly beauties around us. Thank you for bringing this to us at Meem. I would like to thank Heba El Kayal, Meagan Kelly Horsman and Noura Haggag at Meem for making the show happen. Dubai 2015 In Nazar Yahya’s latest solo exhibition at Wade Wilson Art, “The Truth” the artist shares photographic prints conveying the story of the Islamic mystic poet, al-Hallaj (858 - 922). Yahya’s collage use of his photographs weave a story of a universal divine light transcending distance, time, and culture. The exhibit features meticulously staged photographs and sculpture stemming from the pages of the artist’s sketchbook. The personal and particular are in conversation with the universal. Each figure overflows its own boundaries of meaning and truth, from the traditional cloak worn by mothers in Iraq, to the cloak worn by the master mystic. Disparate elements conjoin to produce “The Truth” paralleling the same concept of “Oneness” that ultimately had al-Hallaj executed for proclaiming “I am Truth,” but unified his soul again with the love of God.