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I am Joseph. O father,

I am Joseph. O father, (BETTER TO DELETE THIS PART FOR NOW, IT NEEDS TOO MUCH WORK) my brothers neither love me nor want me amongst them Father, they assaulted me with stones and words... they wanted me to die They closed the door of your house and left me outside, O my father they expelled me from the fields and poisoned my grapes, O my father

They destroyed my toys, O my father. When the wind {blew} and [played with] {made} my hair {dance}, they were jealous and flamed up with rage against [me and you] {their brother, as well as their Lord}.

O Father, what {is it that I've done} to them, O father?

The butterflies stopped on my shoulder, the grains bent down on me And the birds hovered over my hands, what have I done my father? And why me? You named me Joseph and they threw me in the well They accused the wolf, though the wolf is more merciful than my brothers, my father did I wrong anyone when I said that I saw eleven stars, the sun and the moon, all bowing to me?]

Mahmoud Darwish